What makes a face appear feminine?

 Find out how a few features can make a face appear more feminine

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There are endless differences between men and women. The term used to identify these nuances is ‘sexual dimorphism’.

Sexual dimorphism is the distinct difference in appearance or size between the sexes of an animal.

Even though humans are less sexually dimorphic than other animals, there are still glaring differences between the male and female face.

In this article, I have compiled a list of feminine traits, leaving behind those which require you to go measure the size of a skull or something as challenging as that.

A good number of these features are dictated by the hormone known as oestrogen as it is present in greater amounts in women.

This hormone has been found to have a connection to femininity.

  • Fuller face and cheeks
Estrogen reduces facial bone growth and promotes a higher accumulation of fat in the face, more specifically, the cheeks. In contrast more masculine faces tend to have more structured structures while a feminine face will be softer and more rounded.

(Credit: https://unsplash.com/@alexandruz)

  • Large rounded eyes
A male sexual dimorphic feature is a prominent browbone. A feminine face lacks that feature, so the eyes appear larger and less protected. Masculine eyes are wide and narrow while feminine eyes are large and rounded.

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  • Smaller nose and jaw body
Female noses are generally narrower and shorter. Males tend to have wide and long noses which are likely to have a prominent nose hump.

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Feminine faces tend to have a smaller jaw body as a whole. They tend to have smaller chins and a shorter ramus making the jaw shorter. In comparison masculine faces have a long ramus with a prominent and squared chin. The jawline of a feminine face is softer and not as sharp as a masculine jawline tends to be.

                                      (credit: sciencedirect.com)


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